Hi! My name is Kate and my studio is based in North Manchester. I’ll be your photographer, set designer, hair and makeup artist, picture editor and much more! I have been a full time retro style pinup model and webmaster to my own website since 2000. As well as going behind the camera to do photoshoots for fellow models, friends and ladies just like you and I love it!

I am the sole operator of 21st Century Goddess, so EVERYTHING from the point of taking your pictures to delivering them to you will be just between us girls! NO ONE but us will see them until you decide to share them with whom you chose ;-)

My goal is to help bring the Goddess in you to life! So if you fancy doing something fun and uplifting for yourself, together we can make it happen! We will coordinate the perfect outfits, shoes, props, etc. I’ll work with you on posing, facial expressions and much more. All to make your photos come out just perrrfect!

Finding inspiration from the classic pinups and artists of the 40’s and 50’s your photos will have something special right from the beginning no matter what style or era you chose for your shoot! In my view what was considered sexy and alluring back in the ‘old days’ is what we as women should strive for today, especially in this current day society of ‘size zero or die’. Because I am not a size zero I describe myself as "short and phat". Not being a size ‘0’ doesn't stop me from feeling great about myself and loving my va-va-voom curves! So whatever your description of yourself is, don’t let it stop you either! It is all about the angles, lighting, classic shapeware (or nothing on at all ) and some good old fashioned airbrushing when needed! ;-) So lets bring out your va-va-voom by putting on your favorite party dress, getting into costume, slipping into some sexy lingerie or simply looking great naked! Whatever you chose it is all up to you!

When you get in front of the camera and recreate a classic pose and I find the perrrfect angle, your photos will have a unique and timeless style that you will love for years to come. No matter what your daily style is or what your proportions are I will find the angles and poses that showcase you at your best! You don’t have to worry about any of those little bits that niggle at you ~ too short, too tall, too big, too small ~ forget about it! I know just how to do your pictures so they make you say “WOW that’s ME!!!” ;-)

If you click on the pictures in the film strips you will see some example pictures of my other 21st Century Goddesses! You should note there is a never ending variety of themes, poses and backgrounds that we can personalize to suit your photoshoot!

I know we will have fun working together to create your perfect 21st Century Goddess photoshoot! You know you are sooo worth it, so contact me today and lets get started!

Kate ;-)