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With The Feature Film you guessed it, you are the Star of the show! You get to play with 1-4 different outfits as well as 2-3 studio sets! Pampering you with complete styling of your hair and makeup and extra time to really let your inner goddess shine through!

This package includes:

  • A meeting ahead of your shoot date to plan your 21st Century Goddess shoot, approximately a half an hour
  • 4 hours of preparation and 2 hours studio time with a minimum of 70 pictures to choose from
  • Complete setting and styling of your hair, full makeup (touch ups with each outfit)
  • 1-4 outfits and 1-3 studio sets
  • CD with all of your best pictures in 640x480 resolution
  • 5 8" x 10" post processed glossy or matt prints or 10 - 5" x 7" post processed glossy or matt prints


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